Thursday, 28 September 2017

Friday, 15 September 2017

capture the flag challenge how it went?

Recount writing:
Capture the Flag

Walt: write a recount
Walt: include a variety of sentence types in our writing
Walt: elaborate on our ideas with relevant details

  1. Take part in the activity: A game of Capture the Flag!

  1. Plan for your writing here:

I came late to school. I got to school and nobody was there. So i asked ms buchanan ms where is room 10. They are out playing capture the flag. Oh thank you so me and Freedom went to find room 10. Where are they said Freedom but we had found them at the field.
When we got there we had groups of 12? So i went to Lennox  what do we do? Oh we are playing capture the flag. So ask ms west what number you are. Ok ms said who ever didn’t have a go go now ms west shouted. We had a game then we stopped.
Nearly for all of us felt like we played for a second,minute well it had a one.
We had to go pick the cones. And get all the hoops and flags. We had fun though people started to moan. and said we will probably have to play this next term. I said no not that long we’ll probably go tomorrow yeah never know Lennox said. We had fun walking back to class someone had dropped some cones. Damien ran to get them. Before we left when we were playing i ran after Aj he was fast josh was in the other team Damien,ayvah,Freedom,Harlyn,inga.
It was a epic game we had fun. The problem was people said others were cheating.
But also when me and freedom got there we were also confused.

Lennox said do you still know your number. Freedom said i’m number nothing a few seconds after. So i’m number (2) Freedom said
We kept changing our mind oh it’s so turning boring.
For me it’s boring because i couldn’t run and i was a little tired.


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4. Checklist:
  • I have taken part in the ‘Capture the flag’ experience.
  • I have planned my writing.
  • I have used punctuation (full stops, capital letters, etc.).
  • I have added detail to my writing by adding descriptive vocab (adjectives, adverbs).
  • I have used at least 2 of my senses in my writing (hear, see, taste, smell, touch).
  • I have included my own and my classmates’ emotions.

Monday, 4 September 2017

my tips for how to be carefull for your chrome book

you must respect your chrome book and not be dodgy and thinking to go on youtube.
chrome books is to help you learn when you are stuck you could work it out on a chrome book you could even type thing's up to help you.

you must carry your chrome book safely it could help must put it in a case and hold it by the handle
do not hold it by the lid and the  you have to hold by the bottom with it close.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Launching our rocket

George and I made a rocket at Maker Space. We pumped air into the bottle and then we launched it into space on the basketball court. We also got a bit wet when we turned it into a water rocket. We will have another go to make it travel further next time at Maker Space.