Wednesday, 12 October 2016

pirates get stuck in the cave

Once there was a pirate who really wanted treasure. He was upsest with treasure he was trying to steel money from the saloon. So he found a cave. He went to look inside it until a rock slide. He was scared of the dark just not of bat`s and mice thats all so one of the pirates were stuck in there with him. His name was skull he wasn`t a bad he was afraid of everything not his maties.

Skull said how are we gonna get out chief chizzilingand grizzling scared. Chief said ar he martey hold on we`ll get out i hope. Suddenly he saw treasure he jumped and jumped in the treasure. But one thing  he heard a grrrrr chief said oh no run! Run skull run. Chief gave him the treasure to hold but chief saw something catching up it was running chief ran fast as he can until he saw a jokey jokey is a boneless creature that jumps on their back.

Skull thought an idea to throw the treasure at the rocks. and ran out and grabed the treasure. And chief survived the cave and he had a head for a hand. Skull was happy he he got out skull said what happens now the other pirates are dead. chief said ar i dont know we are the only pirates now.

Chief said to skull you are now a pirate you are a smart boy. Let’s go chief said skull said why can’t we slide down the mountain chief. chief said again i never slided down a mountain obviously scary isn’t it skull was thinking aha skull said it’s not i’m not afraid of hights.we he ar skull said this is fun chief said your the only pirate now. suddenly chief turned to sand skull cried ok im the only pirate now ha ar.

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  1. hi nephew i like you pirate story it is very detailed and it is set in a good place keep it up nephew