Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Every Tuesday room 13 were going to basketball  after lunch in the hall we were going to the coaches we didn't know the coaches we were going to see what they look like

When we arrived at the hall we saw the coach Vinnie and Shinice they told us to do a warm up game we wanted to play our favourite game

We hooped the basket  we airplane back to the start  and waited for our turn we gold the   baskets. So we swapped sides we do the same things as the other side we go over 3 times and 10 baskets we were shooting the basket

Kapa Haka Performance

Bouncy castle

When room13 went outside we saw a huge thing  it was higher than the school maybe 50 meters tall We could not even touch the top  we watched room 14

We next got our turn on the bouncy castle It was exstreamly existing

Toby did a penguin down the slide amira plummeted straight down she did not touch the slide I think  she must have floated