Friday, 7 August 2015

Harold Story

On Monday room 13 walked into the life education caravan to see Harold and Lynn and to learn about our feelings. We also learnt how to help other people to make them happy.

We watched a movie about Billy playing touch and then his  friend let him in their group because his friend ran away from him he asked someone for him to play with them they said no.

We learned about our body and our large intestine and stomach. Food goes down your throat. We eat healthy food to make us strong and skinny. It gives the energy we need.

Harold sang us a song and we saw the disco lights. It was very cool. When lights turned off we saw the stars. 

When we left the caravan, we saw room 15 they sat up waiting to go in the caravan they were patient
We had a good time in the Life Ed Caravan. 

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