Tuesday, 5 April 2016

izaiahs camp

When i was at school all the year 5&6 went to camp the year 4 and half of the year 5s stayed at class. Every year 4 wanted to go camp we did.nt realy want to because we saw how cool it would be being a year 5 going to camp now all the year 4s.
Want to go camp nextyear only some of the year 4s want to
get one night they might get mince and beance with nactos and sour cream.

I hope i get to go camp it is so dare it is not cheap to go.
In 2015 only the year 5s and 6s went but not the people in 2016 they were year 4s then and i was only a year 3.This camp has being running for 26 years they saty the camp on the field.
All the other year 5s and 6 are intermediets now these year year 5 and 6 are goint to camp.
And the year 5 and 6 are doing a good job at there camp week i bet they had a good mornning and there afternoon and night. Every morning they wacth a cartoon or a movie they wacth movies at night in the hall.

They go sleep why juring the movie or the techers tell them its time to go sleep. One time they ha item consert
ymc8 and moonlight plus wake me up befor you gogo they sang all 3 songs in difrent groups some of our class was in the difren class some of the other class was in our class  until the camp week  the year 4s teacher was ms nadda. We did some fun stuff like pixle art or coolmaths games hyperstudio.
Camp is all about fun and experiments they went to camp  to have fun and have a good week and have a brake from there parents it is all about fun fun fun  no one wants a lowlife week

What i saw is that they had a good time  the year5 and 6 hope they can go again good uck yer 5 and

6 and all the boy sleepedmin the libary and the girls  sleeped outside in the tents.

i wrotte about year 5 and 6

walt;year 5 and 6 camp

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