Wednesday, 4 May 2016

izaiah Immersion Assembly Template

WALT: recount an event.

Once upon there was a bad ferous his name is the bear baxendine spider tryed to take the bear baendine but he is to strong spiderman said so he said super heroes assembel Ironman used his blast batman used hi rans super girl used her stangth wonder woman used her lasu but it didnt work because he had all there proof.

The all of them got pushed into the buildings and batman got pushed into the car super girl pased out in the water because she froze it al the spider mans helped but all of the got frew into a volcano but they still survived
Because the ghost spideman but the lava came up and erupted all the evil robots started to defet bear baxendine but bear baxindine destroyed them.

The super heroes Used all of them used there powers and weakend bear baxendine they did it again again until bear baxendin was on the ground bear baxendine said fine fine you win not for long dun dun so spider man finished him the end.

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