Thursday, 30 June 2016

izaiah of Plan a Short Story

One time kiwi and pukeko.

were best friends. but then pukeko got jelous because he got the most photos then pukeko got out of hand.

he turned into cheeta chan so pukeko cheeta tried to eat kiwi
Kiwi ran fast as he can.

So pukeko climbed up onto the fence the pukeko turned into buboon and climbed the turned back into cheeta kiwi teleported to paris zoo he was happy and sound until pukeko turned into terrordactill and kiwi ran somewhere he saw a house when into the house but pukeko didnt give up.

Then pukeko turned into a baby but the person didnt answer the door. He turned into a t rex pukeko turned back and said sorry i get a little upset.

Then pukeko tricked kiwi and then kiwi right in time to teleport pukeko got revenge  so pukeko destroyed the house.

by turnig into a tank and shooting the bombs kiwi went back and ot his new power it a house

.fixer and take away power.
so kiwi took away pukekos power so pukeko is stuck as a tank forever but kiwi changed pukeko back.
         Kiw said please give
   Pukeko the most photos to so it was a happy ending but they put a tiger the where pukeko and where kiwi and pukeko was ow no.
Then kiwi teleported without pukeko again then kiwi came back then turned into the huge as dragon then burnt the cheeta to its skin and to its bone.

pukeko still got jelous of kiwi because he had no powers but pukeko didnt say a thing to kiwi so kiwi said are you ok pukeko

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