Wednesday, 6 July 2016

izaiah discussion doc

What was Suzie talking about when she said “Billy broke it…” Why do you think that?
I think that she had a dream that billy broke something..

What do you think happened last time Freeble and Gort landed on a planet? Why do you think that?
Medeor and moon volcano.

Why do the aliens think that Suzie is ugly? Why do you think that?
Because they m ust not of seen a human.

Why do you think that Freeble ate the plates instead of the food? Why do you think that?
They must eat plates on there planet.

Why would suzie want to have a ride in the spaceship? Why do you think that?
Because she must want to see what it is like.

What do you think has happened to the spaceship?
His dad must of sneaked with so he can steel the space ship.

Read the news articles  - “UFO over Auckland”

Why do you think the people watching thought it was a UFO instead of a drone?
Because they must of pictured it as a drone

If the drone was really Freeble and Gort and they landed at your house. What would you feed them?
because she must of asked if they were hungry.

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